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Penticton Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival

Volunteer Application Form

PLEASE NOTE: Steps for completing and sending the form back:

  • 1) Click the Red Box above and Print the Form out. (You may also save it to your computer if you wish)
  • 2) Fill out the Form with the required information.
  • 3) Scan or take a picture of the Form with a phone camera and then send via email to "pentictonelvissociety@gmail.com".

        If you wish to be a volunteer at the Penticton Elvis Festival – positions are available in a variety of duties.

        Please review the requirements below.


    Penticton Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival

    Festival Volunteer Policy

    All Volunteers

    · Must be 16 years or older

    · Must abide by the ZERO tolerance for use of controlled drugs, alcohol, or harassment

    · Must fill out, sign and submit a volunteer form with contact information

    · Must be on time for shifts and stay the required duration of their shift

    · Must put in a minimum of 4 hours over the course of the festival to be eligible to receive a wristband

    · Must be respectful of other volunteers, staff, the public and performers

    · Will have access only to areas that are designated to them

    · Must attend orientation meetings

    · Will receive one T-Shirt with Penticton Elvis Logo

    · Will be able to attend a volunteer party which will be held shortly after the Festival (Date and time to be determined)

    A big thank you to all who put time and effort into this wonderful event, from the directors of the Penticton Northwest Elvis Festival.

    Meet the Board

    Here is your 2021/22 Penticton Elvis Festival Board of Directors


    FRONT ROW: Darlene Culbert, Margaret Ashley, Lance Bishop

    MIDDLE ROW: Dave Martin, Brenda Martin, Lori Xavier, Dorothy Inglis, Stephanie Mackenzie, Wendie Maguire

    BACK ROW: Mike Schell, Terry Michaels, Ralph Halsall

    MISSING: Susanna Mayhew, Joanie Koch-Kalanj